Environment & CSR

Environment & CSR

Efforts to Environmental preservation

Efforts to Environmental preservation

Toho Titanium has established an environmental management system that is principally modeled on ISO 14001 as a part of our ongoing efforts to reinforce our preservation of the global environment and regional safety , and to ensure the effective utilization of this valuable resource, we are promoting titanium recycling.

Efforts to Environmental preservation

Environment and Quality Policy

Our goal is both to reduce our environmental load and provide high quality products and services.
Therefore, we strive to create environment as community- and global-friendly by pursuing continuous technological innovations.
In addition, we will consistently provide products and services that meet the expectations of supply chains.

To realize our environment and quality policy, we will maintain our environment and quality management systems as a part of our business process, and will improve them continuously.

ISO 14001 certification, Environmental management systems of international standard

We acquired ISO 14001 certification, the international standard for environmental management systems to improve the environment. In 1998, we acquired ISO 14001 certification for all departments in the Chigasaki Plant. In addition, we acquired ISO 14001 certification at Kurobe Plant in 2010 and Wakamatsu Plant in 2012.

ISO 14001: 2015

  • Locations :
    Chigasaki Plant
    Kurobe Plant
    Toho Technical Service Co., Ltd. Head Office and Plant
    Tatsuta Environmental Analysis Center Co., Ltd. Kanagawa Laboratory
    Wakamatsu Plant

The Environmental Management System is applicable to:

Design, development and manufacture of titanium tetrachloride, titanium sponge, high purity titanium(sponge, ingot, billet), titanium and titanium alloy ingot, high purity titanium dioxide, titanium suboxide (TiOx), catalysts for propylene polymerization, ultra-fine nickel powder, magnesium chloride, titanium trichloride aqueous solution, titanium tetrachloride aqueous solution, titanium system powder, and titanium fabricated products, and environmental measurements certification business.

Certificate Number
Original Approval Date
November 21, 2009
Valid Date
October 15, 2022
Issued by
Bureau Veritas Japan Co., Ltd.

ISO 14001

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