Environment & CSR

Environment & CSR

With our Shareholders

We make efforts to transfer information timely, properly and proactively to our shareholders so that we get confidence from our stakeholders.

Our Policy for Disclosure

Toho Titanium Co., Ltd. is trying to disclose the business and financial information timely and properly so that our shareholders would support us stably and for a long period.
We make efforts to disclose information not only meet statutory or regulatory requests but also meet the necessities for investment judgement. In addition, we try to disclose information proactively, timely and fairly.

  • Our Policy for Disclosure

Shareholder’s Meeting

We make efforts to activating dialogues at the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders which is a precious opportunity to communicate directly with our shareholders. From this point of view, we are trying to implement earlier delivery of Notice of Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders or electrical exercise of voting rights.

Communications with our investors

We hold IR brief for institutional investors or securities analysts twice a year and welcome more than 100 attendees each.
At the briefs, our representative directors deliver presentations in detail regarding our business circumstances or market prospects.

We will try to promote IR activities which include proper disclosure and proactive dialogues to improve the corporate value.

  • Communications with our investors
  • Communications with our investors

Main IR Activities

  • IR Brief (twice a year)
  • Interviews
Analysts & Domestic Institutional Investors
  • IR Brief (twice a year)
  • IR Meetings
Institutional Investors Overseas
  • IR Meeting
  • Financial Reports (twice a year)
  • Telephone Interviews

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