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ChemicalsTitanium Tetrachloride

Titanium Tetrachloride is used for a variety of products; electronic components, catalysts for manufacturing polyolefin, pearl pigments, and evaporation materials etc.

Chemicals - Titanium Tetrachloride


  • Titanium sponge
  • High purity titanium dioxide (TiO2)
  • Barium titanate
  • Polymerization catalyst (Ziegler-Natta catalyst)
  • Titanium tetrachloride aqueous solution


Chemical Composition
Grade TiCl4
color number
TLT-1 99.9min. 10max. 10max. 5max. 30max. - - 20max.

*accordance with the color indication method of American Public Health Association(APHA)

Physical Properties

Molecular Weight 189.73
Boiling Point 136.4 degree C (1,013.25hPa)
Melting Point -25 degree C
Specific Gravity 1.726 (15-20 degree C)
Vapor Density 197.4 (Oxygen=16)
Vapor Pressure logP=7.64433-1947.6/T (P:mmHg,T:K)
Critical Temperature 358 degree C
Specific Heat 35.7 cal/mol degree C (liquid)(13-99 degree C)
Viscosity 0.826 C.P (20 degree C)
Heat of Vaporization 8.96 kcal/mol (25 degree C)
Heat of Fusion 2.24 kcal/mol
Heat Conductivity 0.073 kcal/ C
Surface Tension 34.03 dyn/cm (13 degree C)
Dielectric Constant 2.83 (10C), 2.79 (20 degree C)
Coefficient of Cubical Expansion 0.001086 (0-100 degree C)
Entropy 60.4±2 cal/mol. degree C (25 degree C, liquid)
84.4±1 cal/mol. degree C (25 degree C, vapor)
Heat of Formation -198.5±10 kcal/mol (0 degree C, solid)
-184.3±10 kcal/mol (0 degree C, gas)

Chemical Properties

1 - Reactivity against Water
React with water strongly(hydrolysis) with large heat of reaction.
TiCl4+H2O → HCl+Ti(OH)nClx
2 - Reactivity against alcohol
React with alcohol to generate ester.
TiCl4+4ROH+4NH3 → Ti(OR)4+4NH4Cl
3 - Corrosion
Not corrosive against iron at room temperature, but corrosive at 200 degree C or more.
Generate corrosive HCl when reacted with water; to eliminate moisture in vessel and pipe.

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