Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile


As of June 22, 2017

Directors and Auditors

President & Representative Director Yoshihiro Nishiyama
Representative Director Tomoyuki Urabe
Director, Member of the Board
  • Hideo Takatori
  • Hiroshi Matsubara
  • Toshiji Matsuo
Audit & Supervisory Board Member
  • Takashi Oda
  • Seiichi Kurosawa
  • Tadahiko Oogimachi

Executive Officer

President & Chief Executive Officer Yoshihiro Nishiyama
Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Tomoyuki Urabe
  • Overall Assistant, In Charge of Special Missions
Hideo Takatori
  • General Manager, Titanium Division Headquarters
Executive Managing Officer
Shigeo Ampo
  • General Manager, Saudi Project Div.
  • Advanced Metal Industries Cluster and Toho Titanium Metal Company Limited COO
Hiroshi Matsubara
  • In Charge of Corporate Planning Dept. ,General Administration & Human Resources Dept., Accounting Dept. and Information Technology Dept.
Fusahiro Nishiyama
  • Deputy General Manager, Titanium Division Headquarters
  • General Manager, Titanium Production Div.
  • Plant Manager, Chigasaki Plant
Executive Officer
Hirotomo Maekawa
  • Deputy General Manager, Ttanium Division Headquarters
  • General Manager, Titanium Planning & Marketing Div.
  • General Manager, Planning & Coordination Dept.,Titanium Division Headquarters
Toshiji Matsuo
  • General Manager, Catalysts & Chemicals Div.
  • President, TOHO MATERIAL CO., LTD.
Takuo Kataoka
  • Deputy General Manager, Catalysts & Chemicals Div.
  • General Manager, Catalysts Unit
Takeshi Shiraki
  • General Manager, Titanium Engineering Dept.
  • Senior Executive Staff, Planning & Coordination Dept., Titanium Division Headquarters
Hideki Fuzii
  • General Manager, Research & Development Div.
Koji Kikuchi
  • Internal Control Promotion Dept., In Charge of Environment & Safety Dept., Purchasing & Logistics Dept., Quality Control Dept. and Facilities Engineering Dept.