In addition to providing products of superior quality to our customers, our corporate group will contribute to the development of a sustainable society by addressing a wide range of social issues, such as creating a working environment where diverse human resources can flourish, and supporting the revitalization of local communities.

Together with customers

Efforts to improve the customer satisfaction level

Our corporate group makes efforts to offer products and services while giving top priority to quality, in order to continuously live up to customers’ expectations. We assess environmental impact while taking into account the entire lifecycles of products, including those under development, and study whether a modification would change the environmental impact.
In addition, we strive to improve the customer satisfaction level by grasping the needs from customers accurately and continuously improving products and manufacturing processes.

Basic policy for quality of the Toho Titanium Group

We recognize that it is our social mission to continuously provide excellent products and services. Therefore, we set this basic policy for quality and follow it to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

1. Compliance

We thoroughly comply with legal requirements and maintain a deep sense of ethics.

2. Meeting customer expectations

We will accurately grasp customer needs and provide precise information on quality, and also offer products and services that are trusted and satisfying.

3. Continuous improvement

We operate a quality management system and promote continuous quality and service improvement.

4. Development of human resources

We strive to develop human resources who have a high level of awareness and responsibility regarding quality and services and actively take action for achieving high quality.

5. Care for safety and the environment, and provision of information

We create products while considering safety and environmental protection and provide appropriate information.

Yasuji YamaoPresident and Representative Director

Measures for quality control

For the quality of our products, we obtained the certification of ISO 9001, which is an international standard for quality management systems, and established a globally reliable and competitive quality management system as a global company. Like this, we make continuous efforts to supply products that can be used by customers without worry. In particular, for titanium sponge and titanium ingots, we obtained the certification of JIS Q 9100, which is one of the international standards for quality management systems, to guarantee “stable quality” for satisfying rigorous requirements for quality in the aerospace industry, etc.

Acquisition of the ISO9001 certification, an international standard for quality management systems

Our system of the catalyst section was examined and registered in 1996 as for ISO 9002, and all of the titanium sections in 1998 as for the same certification, and our major products of titanium and electric materials were registered in ISO 9001 by 2001. The items described below have been certified.
We will promote corporate activities for continuously offering reliable, satisfactory products, while improving our quality management system, obtaining certifications, winning the trust of customers, and meeting their needs.

ISO9001:2015, JIS Q 9001:2015
Chigasaki Plant
Hitachi Plant
Yahata Plant
Wakamatsu Plant
Kurobe Plant

[Scope of certification]
Design, development and manufacture of titanium tetrachloride, titanium sponge, high purity titanium(sponge, ingot, billet), titanium and titanium alloy ingot, high purity titanium dioxide, catalysts for propylene polymerization, ultra-fine nickel powder, magnesium chloride, titanium trichloride aqueous solutions, titanium tetrachloride aqueous solution and toll melting service of high purity metal and contract manufacturing service of high purity chloride.

Certification number: 4705758
Initial certification date: July 12, 2009
Expiration date: October 15, 2025
Certification organization: Bureau Veritas Japan
In 2015: ISO 9001

Quality management system for the aerospace industry

In 2003, our system for titanium sponge was examined and registered for 9100, which is one of the standards for quality systems in the aerospace industry, and in 2010, our system for titanium ingots, too, was registered. We will make further efforts to provide higher quality and better services.

In 2016: JIS Q9100
Chigasaki Plant
Yahata Plant
Wakamatsu Plant

[Scope of certification]
Manufacturing of titanium sponge and titanium ingots

Certification number: 4706580
Initial certification date: July 12, 2009
Expiration date: October 15, 2025
Certification organization: Bureau Veritas Japan
In 2016: JIS Q9100

Together with shareholders and investors

With the aim of winning the trust of stakeholders, including shareholders and investors, we disclose and distribute information swiftly, appropriately, and fairly.

Basic stance on our disclosure policy

Our company strives to disclose corporate and financial information in a timely and appropriate manner in order to build and maintain long-term trusting relationships with all stakeholders, including shareholders and investors.
Regarding information disclosure, we strive to disclose information in a fair and impartial manner, not only disclosing information in accordance with legal and Tokyo Stock Exchange standards, but also promptly and accurately disclosing information necessary for investment decisions, such as management policies, financial information, business initiatives, and the background and business environment.

Basic stance on our disclosure policy

Communication with shareholders

Our company is engaged in corporate management that emphasizes constructive dialogue in order to build relationships of mutual understanding and trust with our shareholders.
The annual general meeting of shareholders allows us to have direct dialogue with our shareholders and gives shareholders an opportunity to deepen their understanding of our company.
In addition to sending convocation notices early and enabling shareholders to exercise voting rights electronically, we will post convocation notices on the websites of ours and the Tokyo Stock Exchange to encourage as many shareholders as possible to participate.
Furthermore, we regularly hold factory tours by lottery with the aim of deepening the understanding of our company among our shareholders.

Communication with investors

Our corporate group holds results briefing sessions twice a year for communication with institutional investors and analysts.
At the results briefing sessions, the top management provides explanations on the business results, financial situation, management strategy, etc. for the relevant period, and each session is attended remotely by nearly 100 people.
In addition, the executive officers in charge of IR and the IR department proactively provide many opportunities for individual interviews throughout the year, striving to have institutional investors and analysts deepen their trust in our corporate group and understanding of the management through question-and-answer sessions and exchanges of opinions. Regarding dialogue, we strive for fair and accurate information disclosure and work to ensure thorough management of insider information based on the in-house “Internal Information Management Regulations.”
The content of IR activities is reported twice a year at the Board of Directors meeting and is linked to the activation of business strategies and IR activities.
We will continue to increase opportunities for communication with investors and aim to sustainably increase corporate value.

Major IR activities


  • Results briefing session (interim and term-end)
  • Individual interview

Analysts and domestic institutional investors

  • Results briefing session (interim and term-end)
  • Individual IR meeting
  • Small meeting
  • Conference sponsored by a securities company

Overseas institutional investors

  • Individual IR meeting
  • Small meeting

Individual shareholders

  • Publication of shareholder newsletters
  • Plant tour
  • Individual telephone/email support, etc.

Disclosure of IR-related materials on our website
Financial information, timely information disclosure, quarterly results, shareholder newsletters, financial results briefing material, securities reports, integrated reports, etc.

Scene of a results briefing sessionScene of a results briefing session
Scene of a results briefing session

Together with business partners

Basic policy for purchase

Code of conduct for transactions

Transparency : We are open and transparent in our transactions.
Fairness : The selection of business partners is based on a fair evaluation.
Compliance : We will comply with relevant laws and regulations and respect not only all the provisions of the law, but also the spirit of the law when carrying out our business.
Environmental conservation : We place importance on the environment and actively promote green procurement.
Mutual trust : We build a relationship of trust through transactions based on equal partnerships with our business partners.
Ethics : We will maintain appropriate relationships with our business partners based on strict ethical standards.

We will cut off relationships with antisocial forces and conduct sound purchasing activities.
We will not use our dominant bargaining position to make any business transaction that would create unfair profits or cause disadvantages.

Promises to business partners (principles for transactions)

Fair entry opportunity

We will provide a fair entry opportunity for those wishing to be one of our business partners, and we will respond sincerely to transaction offers.

Fair evaluation

The selection of business partners is based on a fair evaluation of factors such as quality, price, delivery date, and performance.

Management of confidential information

We will manage the information obtained in the tasks related to purchasing transactions with the utmost care and strive to maintain confidentiality.

Clarification of the reason for the selection

For business partners who were not selected as suppliers due to competitions and such, we will clarify the facts and reasons upon their request.

Regarding green procurement

As one of initiatives for conserving the environment, our company promotes green procurement actively. Through this initiative, we strive to reduce environmental burdens generated during the manufacturing, use, and disposal of our products and the provision of services to our company, purchase environmentally friendly goods actively, and make transactions with business partners who take environmental measures proactively.

Cementing of cooperation with business partners

We engage in material procurement activities based on good partnerships with business partners through mutual trust in order to realize the procurement of items that satisfy our requirements for “quality,” “costs,” and “turnaround time.”

Participation in the “White Logistics” campaign

Our company submitted a declaration for voluntary actions in March 2022, as we agreed with the purposes of the “White Logistics” campaign promoted by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

The “White Logistics” campaign is aimed at coping with the worsening shortage of truck drivers, stably securing the distribution required for daily lives of citizens and industrial activities, and contributing to economic growth, and promotes (1) the productivity improvement and streamlining of transportation, and (2) the realization of a white working environment in which female drivers and aged drivers (in their 60s or over) can work comfortably.

As concrete corporate activities, companies formulate, issue, and execute “a declaration for voluntary actions” containing voluntary initiatives for improving logistics, and about 1,400 enterprises have agreed with the campaign so far.

We declare the following 8 activities unique to our company.

To propose the improvement of logistics and cooperate in it
We will make active efforts to reduce the time of waiting for the arrival of goods as a shipper or a client, and cooperate with business partners and logistics service providers if they propose improvements or ask for cooperation.
To separate the work other than driving
We will make active efforts to separate the ancillary work other than driving.
To improve the facilities of shippers
We will identify stressful spots for truck drivers in the unloading area, and improve them.
Modal shift to vessels and railroads
In order to proceed with the modal shift further, we will make active efforts to ship larger lots, change packing methods, and shorten lead time, reduce CO2 emissions, and solve the shortage of truck drivers.
Adoption of a fuel surcharge
We will actively promote the adoption of a fuel surcharge.
Consideration of the status of legal compliance when selecting the other party of a contract
When selecting logistics service providers, we take into account their compliance with related laws and regulations.
Active utilization of logistics service providers that are reforming their workstyles, etc.
We actively entrust logistics service providers that are reforming their workstyles and improving the safety of transportation.
Safety measures for cargo handling
In order to prevent industrial accidents, we will indicate safe procedures, secure safe passages, and upgrade elevating tables, etc.
“White Logistics” Campaign

Policy on Responsible Procurement of Minerals

For some mineral resources traded in the world, it is sometimes pointed out that processing sites, such as mining sites or smelters, are involved with armed forces, grave violations of human rights and environmental destruction.

Toho Titanium Group has a basic policy of not procuring or using minerals that bear OECD Annex II risks ((1) Violation of human rights related to mining, transportation and trading of minerals, (2) Direct or indirect support for non-state armed groups, (3) Illegal acts by public or private security forces, (4) Bribery and false statements of the origin of minerals, (5) Money laundering, and (6) Nonpayment of taxes, commission fees and mining right fees to the government) in conflict-affected and high-risk areas (CAHRAs) in regard to tin, tantalum, tungsten, gold, cobalt and mica, and checks for the presence of the aforementioned risks when procuring said minerals.

In the event of discovering risks in the supply chain, we will take corrective measures.

In order to adhere to this policy, we request our business partners to understand our corporate group’s philosophy and engage in responsible procurement of minerals.
In addition, we appropriately disclose information on this kind of initiatives to all stakeholders.

Toho Titanium Group CSR Procurement Policy

Our corporate group has established the “Toho Titanium Group CSR Procurement Policy” in order to fulfill our social responsibilities throughout the supply chain, including the compliance with laws and social norms and consideration for human rights and the environment. We request that our business partners around the world comply with the policy and ask for their understanding and cooperation.

CSR survey

Since FY 2022, our corporate group has used the “CSR Procurement Self-Assessment Questionnaire” published by the Supply Chain Subcommittee of Global Compact Network Japan (GCNJ) in order to conduct research activities targeting our major suppliers in each business that have a high impact on transaction volume and new suppliers.
The “CSR Procurement Self-Assessment Questionnaire” consists of 9 items: corporate governance, human rights, labor, environment, fair corporate activities, quality & safety, information security, supply chain, and coexistence with local communities. Based on the results of the surveys on suppliers, we confirm whether they meet the standards set by our corporate group and conduct interviews when necessary.
In addition to this survey, we conduct regular audits of our major suppliers every year, which helps us improve our CSR level.
Furthermore, our corporate group does not have a track record of procuring from high-risk suppliers judged to have or have the potential to pose problems in terms of environmental impact, human rights, or labor, and we will not procure from them in the future either.

Confirmation of environmental impact reduction based on the CSR survey

Based on the results of the “CSR Procurement Self-Assessment Questionnaire,” our corporate group is working to reduce the environmental impact of the entire supply chain by confirming the efforts of target suppliers to reduce emissions of CO2 and waste and consumption of electricity, water, and energy.

Together with local communities

With the aim for coexistence with local communities

Our corporate group strives to vitalize regions and support the generations who will lead the future, to grow with society as a corporate citizen, while our offices throughout Japan make efforts to get along with local communities.

With the aim for coexistence with local communities
With the aim for coexistence with local communities

Local exchange and contribution

We actively participate in environmental events hosted by municipalities of areas where our business establishments are located and events for science and technology targeted at elementary and junior high school students, and cosponsor the events of local municipalities.
In addition, we visit nearby high schools to give a lecture about our analysis tasks and measures for safety, and hold a factory tour, so that residents in the neighborhood will understand our business.

Local exchange and contribution
Local exchange and contribution

Together with employees

Our corporate group respects the individuality of each employee, strives to develop their abilities, and takes measures for establishing HR systems for realizing an attractive working environment, supporting both private lives and work, and empowering women, and actively producing personnel who lead the future.

For developing a lively workplace with worthwhile jobs

Our corporate group has adopted various systems that allow employees to flexibly choose one of a wide array of workstyles. We have established systems for childcare and nursing-care leaves, so that employees can balance their family and career, and also developed systems for flextime, half-day paid leave, cumulative annual paid leave for disease, etc. We support flexible work, according to the life events and stages of respective employees.

Regarding action plans for general business operators based on the Act for Empowering Women

Our company formulated an action plan for general business operators in accordance with the “Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace (the Act for Empowering Women).”
Action plan (91 KB)
Disclosed figures (65 KB)
In parallel, we will strive to support the development of next generations.

The wage gap between male and female workers.

Childcare leave rate of male employees

Based on the provisions of the “Act on the Welfare of Workers Taking Care of Childcare or Family Care, such as Childcare Leave and Family Care Leave” (Law No. 76 of 1991),Our company calculated the acquisition rate of childcare leave, etc. in Article 71-4, item 1 of the “Ordinance for Enforcement of the Act on Welfare for Workers who Take Care of Childcare or Family Care, such as Childcare Leave and Family Care Leave” (Ministry of Labor Ordinance No. 25 of 1991).

Childcare leave rate of male employees

Active participation of senior employees

In April 2023, our company extended the retirement age of employees from 60 to 65, for the purpose of allowing senior employees who possess plenty of work experience and technical knowledge to keep working with high motivation. We will endeavor to develop a working environment where senior employees can keep working for a long period of time with no worry, while considering their health and physical capacity.

Development and utilization of personnel

Our corporate group has formulated a mid/long-term plan for developing personnel, for the purpose of establishing and fortifying the “HR base,” which is included in our basic policy for mid/long-term management strategies, and believes that human resources are the sources of business operation. In addition to the education for improving hands-on skills, which is aimed at acquiring or handing advanced techniques on to the next generation, and the education of individual themes, which is aimed at improving awareness and knowledge, we designate instructors for new employees fresh out of high school, college, and graduate school, who will lead our future business, produce individually customized plans for instructing and training them, and develop personnel as planned. In addition, we offer collective education so that employees can master necessary skills and knowledge according to their respective posts, operate a system for short-term overseas study for developing “global personnel” and “personnel in charge of reform” early, and hold training for selective education, etc. Furthermore, we have various programs for honing the skills of each employee through personal development.

Respect for human rights, and prevention of harassment

Our corporate group implements the measures for respecting human rights, in accordance with “UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs).” We recognize that the human rights mentioned in “International Bill of Human Rights” and “ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work” are the minimum ones.
The Ethical Norms in business for Toho Titanium Group mention that employees shall mutually respect their human rights, prohibit unjust discrimination, sexual harassment, power harassment, and other offensive words and actions, and stipulate provisions for preventing sexual harassment. We engage in activities for preventing and solving them. Employees can consult our internal contact point or an external contact point (attorney) about problems with corporate ethics, including sexual harassment. In FY 2022, there was no report on infringement on human rights.

Activities for labor issues

Prevention of child labor and forced labor

Child or forced labor has not been observed in our corporate group. Each of our offices will keep observing laws and regulations and continue monitoring so that child or forced labor will not occur.

A system in which the labor union representing employees can dialogue with the management

Our company holds a session for dialogue between the labor union and the management once a month, and implements cooperative measures for realizing an appropriate working environment and conditions.

Safe, comfortable working environment

Measures for occupational safety and health

Under the basic policy of giving top priority to safety, our corporate group engages in various activities for securing a comfortable working environment and achieving zero industrial accidents. (In detail, we aim to decrease the rate of accident per 1,000 employees in one year* with absence of 4 days or longer to 0.7 or less in FY 2022.)

At the Chigasaki Plant, the plant manager is designated as a general safety and health manager defined in the Industrial Safety and Health Act. At other plants, the management of safety and health in each production line is conducted under the instruction of plant managers. The Safety and Health Committee led by labor and management regularly holds a discussion for improving the safety and health of workers at business establishments. We conduct group-wide health activities by grasping the situations of dust, noise, and specific chemical substances in the working environment, improving the working environment when necessary, and so on.

*It is the number of workers who get injured or die per 1,000 workers per year, and can be expressed by the following equation:

Rate of accident per 1,000
employees in one year
Number of workers
who get injured or die in a year
× 1,000
Average number of
workers in a year

Basic policy for safety and health

We recognize that the safety and health of our workers are the foundation of our corporate activities. Thus, safety is our top priority, which is why we aim to achieve a comfortable and attractive workplace where all workers can work safely in good health while securing peace of mind in all the Toho Titanium Group business areas.

1. Compliance

We will comply with safety and health laws and regulations, set necessary voluntary standards, and strictly manage and comply with them.

2. Continuous improvement

We will adequately operate the occupational health and safety management system to strive for continuous improvement and achieve our health and safety goals.

3. Development of human resources

We will proactively provide information and education in order to foster a safety culture and develop personnel who can think and act on their own.

4. Risk elimination

We aim to eliminate accidents permanently at all workplaces by identifying hazards and harmful factors through risk assessment and reducing and eliminating them.

5. Health promotion

By promoting measures related to maintaining the health of workers and preventing illness, we will support and improve the health of our workers mentally and physically.

6. Communication

We will promote dialogue with workers and encourage good communication to ensure a comfortable working environment.

Yasuji YamaoPresident and Representative Director

We obtained the certifications of the international standard “1S045001” and the Japanese Industrial Standard “JISQ45100” for the management of occupational safety and health.

Our corporate group acquired the certifications of ISO45001 and JISQ45100, and makes proactive efforts to improve occupational safety and health. We will enhance these efforts, and aim to acquire certifications at other plants, too.
There are 8 business facilities that conduct occupational safety and health management, including 6 facilities of our company, Toho Technical Service, and Toho Material. Among them, Chigasaki, Wakamatsu, and Yahata Plants obtained the certifications. Namely, the ratio of certification in the domestic consolidated group is 38%.

ISO45001: 2018, JISQ45100: 2018
■Chigasaki Plant
[Scope of certification]
Design, development, and production of titanium tetrachloride, titanium sponge, high-purity titanium (sponge, ingots, and billets), titanium ingots, high-purity titanium oxide, catalysts for propylene polymerization, ultra-fine nickel powder, magnesium chloride, and aqueous solutions of titanium trichloride and titanium tetrachloride; development, commercialization, and commissioned processing of new products and businesses

■Wakamatsu Plant
[Scope of certification]
Titanium sponge and ultra-fine nickel powder

■Yahata Plant
[Scope of certification]
Manufacturing and commissioned processing of titanium ingots

Registration number: JISHA-O-44, JISHA-44
Initial certification date: March 10, 2021
Expiration date: March 9, 2024
Date of issuance: March 30, 2022
Certification organization: Japan Industrial Safety and Health Association
ISO45001 Registration certificate (96 KB)
JISQ45100 Registration certificate (96 KB)
ISO45001: 2018, JISQ45100: 2018

Health management of employees

Our corporate group holds a regular health checkup, to support employees’ health maintenance and management. In addition, in accordance with laws and regulations, including the Industrial Safety and Health Act, employees engaging in specific tasks undergo a special health checkup, as a primary preventive measure. Furthermore, we implement measures for enhancing employees’ awareness of health by holding seminars on the prevention of the metabolic syndrome and lifestyle diseases.

For health management, mental health measures are important. We conduct measures, including “self-care,” in which employees deal with their stress by themselves, and “life care,” in which managers improve their working environments and give consultation services to individual employees, in order to prevent and early detect mental health disorders. Furthermore, mental health specialists and clinical psychologists give counseling services, and each office holds a mental health seminar, and carries out stress check, etc.

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