External Donor for PP Production
U-donor™ / T01-donor™

Providing high value-added external donors for propylene polymerization

In recent years, the demand for high flow and high crystallization PP suitable for thin-walled high speed injection molding has been increasing, and importance of improving the productivity of nonwoven fabrics used in masks have been growing. To meet this demand, we have developed “U-donor™” aT01-donor™” as external donors for use in propylene polymerization, and offer them to our customers.


U-donor™ can be used in propylene polymerization to produce high-flow PP while maintaining a high level of PP stereoregularity. In addition, the increase in the speed of PP crystallization due to the high stereoregularity is expected to reduce additives such as crystallization nucleating agent.

In addition, we have developed and commercialized T01-donor™ as an external donor with higher hydrogen responsiveness and copolymerization activity than U-donor™.

  • Our external donorsOur external donors
  • General external donorGeneral external donor
  • StereoregularityStereoregularity
  • ActivityActivity
  • Copolymerization activityCopolymerization activity

Purposes of use

  • High flow and high rubber impact copolymers
  • Polymers for lightweight automotive parts
  • Polymers for high speed injection molding
  • Nonwoven fabrics for masks

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