Our Business

Using titanium production technology
to develop three businesses

The TOHO Titanium Group conducts three businesses: “Catalysts Business” , “Chemicals Business” and “Titanium Business”, which is a base of former two businesses that manufactures and sells titanium metal. We pursue the boundless possibilities of titanium products and related technologies, and contribute to our customers’ product development and growth through the expansion of our businesses.

Titanium Business

Catalysts Business

Catalysts for polyolefin production, etc.

Chemicals Business

Titanium oxide, ultra-fine nickel powder, etc.

  • Titanium ore
  • Titanium tetrachloride
    • Titanium sponge
    • Titanium ingot
Titanium BusinessTitanium Business

Titanium Business

Expanding the application fields of titanium metals which boast stable quality

Our group deals with titanium sponge, titanium ingot made by melting and casting titanium sponge, and high-purity titanium for semiconductors. We provide titanium products that satisfy customers who are looking for high superiority as a raw material.

Catalysts BusinessCatalysts Business

Catalysts Business

Contributing to the higher value for polyolefin

THC catalyst, which is our main product, has been widely used around the world since its commercial production started in 1986. We design catalysts that provide PO manufacturers with the highest level of added value as well as superior performance and stable quality.

Chemicals BusinessChemicals Business

Chemicals Business

Supporting the evolution of materials for electronic parts
Powder manufacturing technology

Our ultra-fine nickel powder and high-purity titanium oxide are used in multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCC) and other products. We will further hone our powder manufacturing technology with high quality stability to meet the growing demand in the telecommunication equipment, in-vehicle electric components, and electronic equipment markets.


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