The Toho Titanium Group actively creates various opportunities to communicate with our stakeholders to understand their expectations and demand toward our group, and strives to reflect them in our corporate activities, based on our view that building trusting relationships with our stakeholders by enriching dialogue with them is essential for the continuous existence and sustained development of our company.

Communication with stakeholders


  • Daily communication through the sales department
  • Participation in exhibitions
  • Brochures for introducing our company
  • Information distribution through websites, etc.
  • News release through the mass media, etc.

Shareholders and investors

  • Holding regular general meetings of shareholders
  • Investor briefings
  • Individual meetings
  • Business reports and sustainability reports
  • Brochures for introducing our company
  • Information distribution through websites, etc.

Business partners (Partners)

  • Daily communication with suppliers of product materials and supplies through the procurement department
  • Working with partner companies
  • Quality audits, environmental quality audits, process audits, etc.
  • Self-diagnosis

Local communities and society

  • Dialogue with people in local communities
  • Interaction with local citizens through a factory tour and support for a soccer training
  • Information distribution through news release, etc.
  • Notifications and reports to government offices

Employees and their families

  • Dissemination of information at a New Year Ceremony, etc. (From President)
  • Information dissemination through the internal newsletter “Titan,” and our Intranet
  • Group management meetings
  • Discussion with the labor union
  • Operation of the corporate ethics hotline

Together with customers

Our corporate group makes efforts to offer products and services while giving top priority to quality, in order to continuously live up to customers’ expectations.
In addition, we strive to improve the customer satisfaction level by grasping the needs from customers accurately and continuously improving products and manufacturing processes.

Together with shareholders and investors

With the aim of winning the trust of stakeholders, including shareholders and investors, we disclose and distribute information swiftly, appropriately, and fairly.

Together with business partners

We engage in material procurement activities based on good partnerships with business partners through mutual trust in order to realize the procurement of items that satisfy our requirements for “quality,” “costs,” and “turnaround time.”

Together with local communities

Our corporate group strives to vitalize regions and support the generations who will lead the future, to grow with society as a corporate citizen, while our offices throughout Japan make efforts to get along with local communities.

Together with employees

Our corporate group respects the individuality of each employee, strives to develop their abilities, and takes measures for establishing HR systems for realizing an attractive working environment, supporting both private lives and work, and empowering women, and actively producing personnel who lead the future.

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