Management Policy

Management Philosophy

The Toho Titanium Group pursues the infinite possibility of titanium and related technologies, and contributes to building a sustainable society by continuously supplying excellent products and services.

Fundamental Policies

To put our Management Philosophy into practice, we adhere to the following three Fundamental Policies.

  • We give the highest priority to safety and compliance and operate a healthy and fair business.
  • We practice innovation and creativity to achieve continuous growth for our employees and organization.
  • We enhance communication with all stakeholders including customers, local communities, and shareholders, to develop relationships of mutual trust and symbiosis.

Code of Conduct

The Toho Titanium Group established Code of Conduct with 31 items to embody Fundamental Policy.

Usefulness in society

  • We produce and offer products and services that are useful in society through innovation. We will produce products and provide services that are innovative and useful to society.

Protection of human rights and the working environment

2.1 Respect for human rights

  • We respect human rights and diversity, and will not discriminate against people according to gender, age, race, nationality, belief, religion, disability, social status, sexual orientation, or the like. We also take measures for preventing acts of ignoring human rights, such as harassment, unfair treatment, and discrimination at workplaces and in business.
  • We respect international standards regarding human rights, and will not allow child labor, forced labor, or slave labor or make any transactions that would induce such labor.
  • We manage working hours appropriately, and strive to actualize good work-life balance.
  • We respect workers’ rights to organize and bargain collectively, and secure smooth communication between labor and management.
  • We respect privacy and manage the personal information of stakeholders appropriately.

2.2 Occupational safety and health

  • In order to actualize a safe, hygienic, comfortable working environment with worthwhile jobs, we will strive to secure and maintain appropriate working environments and conditions and prevent industrial accidents and diseases.
  • So that chemicals included in our products or used in our production processes do not endanger the health or safety of people, we will manage chemicals and disclose information to supply chains properly in accordance with laws and regulations in each country.

Fair business activities

3.1 Compliance with laws and regulations

  • We will operate business activities while following the laws and regulations in each country.

3.2 Quality and safety of products

  • We will create value for meeting customers’ expectations and offer safe, high-quality products and services.

3.3 Fair transactions

  • We will compete with other companies in a sound manner and make fair transactions while observing the competition law in each country, without making profits with improper or unfair means.
  • We will foster win-win, fair business relationships with suppliers.
  • We respect the intellectual property of third parties.
  • We will observe the regulations on trade control in each country, and will not be involved in any transactions that would endanger peace or safety.
  • We will not make any transactions that could fuel regional conflicts or infringement of human rights, such as the procurement of conflict minerals.
  • We will not have any relationships with antisocial forces or take part in money laundering.

3.4 Prevention of corruption

  • We will not promise or offer to give economic benefits or other benefits or grant permission to civil servants, business partners, or the like or receive such benefits from them beyond the scope of laws or social norms.
  • We will fulfill our duties in good faith, and will not commit any act for pursuing one’s own or a third party’s interests against the interests of the company.

3.5 Accounting, tax affairs, financial information, etc.

  • We will conduct appropriate accounting, recording, and tax payment, in accordance with laws, regulations, accounting standards, and in-company rules.
  • We will disclose financial information and other corporate information timely and appropriately, in accordance with laws, regulations, rules stipulated by stock exchanges, etc.
  • We will not commit insider trading or any acts that would induce it.

3.6 Management and utilization of corporate assets and information

  • We will make efforts to appropriately manage and effectively use assets and information our company holds, in order to create value and offer it to society through business activities.
  • We will not use corporate assets for private use or other non-business purposes.
  • We will strictly manage confidential information, and take measures for preventing the leakage of such information.

3.7 Protection of whistle-blowers

  • We will maintain the confidentiality of whistle-blowers and will not conduct any acts that would cause a detriment to whistle-blowers.

Environmental protection and coexistence with society

4.1 Environmentally friendly business activities

  • While cooperating with supply chains, we will make efforts to reduce environmental burdens in all business activities, including planning, procurement, production, delivery, sale, and storage by effectively using resources, saving energy, recycling more items, etc.
  • In order to conserve regional environments, we will strictly prevent environmental pollution. We will also contribute to the beautification of regional environments.

4.2 Information disclosure and communication

  • We will promote communication with stakeholders, including customers, business partners, shareholders, employees, governments, and local communities, enhance the transparency of our business administration, and fulfill accountability.

4.3 Harmony with and contribution to local communities

  • We will respect the cultures and customs in respective countries and regions, when conducting business activities there.
  • We will contribute to local communities as a good corporate citizen.
  • We will implement anti-disaster measures in cooperation with local communities as a member thereof. In addition, we will take measures for fulfilling our duty to supply products as a supplier even if a disaster happens.

If any of these codes of conduct is violated, a disciplinary penalty may be imposed in accordance with in-company regulations of group companies.

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