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Basic Environmental Policy

Our company sets this basic environmental policy and follows it, to conserve the global environment and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through business activities.

1. Compliance

We follow not only environmental laws and regulations, but also standards for self-management, and behave with a deep sense of ethics.

2. Efforts for decarbonization

We aim to realize carbon neutrality as soon as possible, by creating environmentally friendly products and pursuing the saving of resources and energy through the improvement and innovation of production technologies.

3. Continuous improvement

We operate our environmental management system and promote the continuous improvement of initiatives for conserving the environment.

4. Development of human resources

We make efforts to develop personnel who have an interest in global environmental and social issues and take action actively with the aim of realizing a sustainable society.

5. Information disclosure

We disclose the situation of our business activities for conserving the environment actively and fairly, to foster trusting relationships with stakeholders.

Regarding green procurement

As one of initiatives for conserving the environment, our company promotes green procurement actively. Through this initiative, we strive to reduce environmental burdens generated during the manufacturing, use, and disposal of our products and the provision of services to our company, purchase environmentally friendly goods actively, and make transactions with business partners who take environmental measures proactively.

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