Fabricated Titanium Products

We provide fabricated titanium products with the quality unique to specialized companies.

In 1971, Toho Technical Service was established in Toho Titanium Co., Ltd. as a company specializing in fabricated titanium products. For about 50 years since then, it has solved problems with many clients, based on its surefire technologies and strengths.
By utilizing the comprehensive capabilities and broad knowledge and experience of the Toho Titanium Group, we will actively give proposals and disseminate information for marketing to satisfy clients, while pursuing the creation of valuable products and services, including the development of new titanium materials and purposes of use of our products.

*Products and services provided by the Toho Titanium Group

Fabricated Titanium Products

Purposes of use

  • Forged titanium products
  • Machined titanium products
  • Welded titanium products
  • Titanium powder
  • Insoluble electrodes
  • Titanium materials

Regarding titanium, we can deal with any kinds of inquiries.
Please feel free to ask us. We will give a proposal according to each client’s needs.

Toho Technical Service Co., Ltd.

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