Disclaimer for Disclosure

1. Regarding information disclosure via our website

We recognize the disclosure via the website as one of the important disclosure methods. As a general rule, we strive to swiftly publish information once it has been disclosed in a way designated by law, regarding the important facts and all other information that is deemed to be useful for investment.

2. Information disclosure standards

We disclose information in accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and the Rules on Timely Disclosure of Corporate Information by Issuers of Listed Securities (hereinafter referred to as “Timely Disclosure Rules”) set out by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Even for information that is not subject to the Timely Disclosure Rules, it is our policy to disclose information considered to possibly influence our shareholders and investors in their investment decisions in an appropriate way as actively and fairly as possible.

3. Information disclosure method

Information that is subject to the Timely Disclosure Rules is made available in the “Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet)” provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange and swiftly published on our website. Furthermore, information thought to be helpful for understanding our company is published through the media and on our website, even if it is not subject to the Timely Disclosure Rules.

4. Regarding future prospects

In some cases, the information published on our website may include future strategies, prospects, and opinions. Please note that the actual performance may considerably differ from these prospects due to external factors, such as changes in the environment.

5. Quiet period

In order to prevent any leakage of financial information and ensure fairness, we set a quiet period from the day after the account settlement day for each quarter to the day when the financial results of said quarter are announced, and refrain from answering questions and making comments on financial results as a general rule. However, in case a significant difference between the performance forecast and the actual performance is projected, an announcement adhering to disclosure rules may be made even during this quiet period.

6. Regarding regulations on the management of internal information

Our company has set up regulations concerning the restriction of insider transactions in order to establish operating guidelines regarding the management standard for the announcement of important facts as well as internal information. Moreover, we are focusing on the education of executives and employees in order to ensure thorough management of insider information.

7. Regarding information on stock prices

Please note that the stock price information available on our website is linked to the Yahoo website providing information on stock prices and we cannot guarantee this information because it is not provided by our company. Furthermore, it is our policy to refrain from giving any comments on stock prices, trading volume and any other facts pertaining to stock prices, in the knowledge that stock prices are fairly determined by transactions on the market.

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