Titanium Ingot

We realize homogeneous composition and stable quality with large-sized ingots.

Our titanium ingots (titanium metal products produced by melting and casting mainly titanium sponge) are broadly used by clients inside and outside Japan. We produce pure titanium ingots and alloy ingots. In particular, large-sized pure titanium ingots, which are produced through electron beam melting, contribute considerably to the improvements in product quality and productivity for each client, due to their homogeneous composition, stable quality, and supply of large-sized ingots.

Titanium Ingot

Purposes of use

  • Aerospace industry

    Aerospace industry

    • Aircraft
    • Engine parts
    • Space rockets
  • Electric power industry and seawater desalination

    Electric power industry and seawater desalination

    • Thermal and nuclear power plants
    • Seawater desalination plants
  • Chemical industry

    Chemical industry

    • Chemical plants
      (pipes, heat exchangers, valves, etc.)
  • Offshore engineering

    Offshore engineering

    • Ocean platform
    • Ships
    • Bridges
    • Equipment
  • Construction


    • Roofing
    • Curtain walls
    • Monument sites
  • Automobile and motorcycle industries

    Automobile and motorcycle industries

    • Engine parts
    • Motorcycles
  • Medical care

    Medical care

    • Implants
    • Artificial bones
    • Welfare products
  • Sports goods and daily necessities

    Sports goods and daily necessities

    • Golf clubs
    • Outdoor gear
    • Eyeglasses
    • Cameras
    • Wristwatches

Production process

Production processProduction process


Titanium metal – DC slab® and ingots

Category Grade Representative weight and size [mm]
DC slab® CP Gr.1/Gr.2 10tons 240tx1000~1300wxL
EB ingot CP Gr.1/Gr.2 24tons 850tx1100~1600wxL
Category Grade Representative weight and size [mm]
VAR ingot CP Gr.1/Gr.2/Gr.3/Gr.4 3.7tons φ720xL
1.8トン φ520xL

*The above table shows representative products only. We can provide other alloy ingots, too. Please consult with us individually.

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