Corporate Brand Logo

Our corporate brand logo is based on the initials “TTC,” which stands for “TOHO TITANIUM COMPANY,” but “TTC” is also the initials of our company name (Toho), our original “Titanium Business,” and our “Catalysts and Chemicals Businesses,” which have grown by utilizing the technologies of the Titanium Business.

Design concept

The “T” in the back is inspired by the tip of an aircraft, a major application for titanium, and its color is titanium silver.
The front logo is a combination of the “T” and “C,” and the color is nautical blue. This color is a symbol of Chigasaki, the birthplace of our company, and evokes the image of the boundless universe as well as the sea, the source of life.
The “C” represents the waves that never cease to come and go, and together with the color, expresses our commitment to pursuing boundless possibilities.
Furthermore, the merging of the “T” and the “C” in the design represents the relationship between the Titanium Business (T) and the Catalysts and Chemicals Businesses (C), which have developed through their mutual bonding.

We position this corporate brand logo as a symbol of our company’s “pursues the infinite possibility of titanium and related technologies” and “supplying excellent products and services,” and will strive to establish the Toho brand.

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