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Toho Titanium is one of the world leading suppliers of catalysts “THC catalysts” for producing “polypropylene” (PP). TOHO has its advantage in utilizing self sufficient titanium tetrachloride as a starting raw material for the production of THC catalyst. Recognized as an industry standard for its performance and quality consistency.

Titanium Tetrachloride THC Catalyst Olefin Polymerization Catalyst

60 Years of history and envisioning the future

Through innovative technical challenges and frontier spirits, TOHO commercialized TiCl3 based TAC catalysts in 1960’s. Continued challenges and devotion in delivering world leading products resulted in 4thG THC catalysts in Mg-Ti based in 1980’s, and 6thG non-phthalate catalyst in 2015. TOHO’s mission is to keep challenging toward horizon ofthe world’s highest level of product performances and services.

The performance of the THC catalyst: To the top of world

THC is a Mg-Ti based high performance catalyst constituting a catalyst system together with alkylalminium and external donors to polymerize propylene monomer to polypropylene. In response to expectations for improved mechanical properties and processability of polypropylene ever increasing year by year, the catalyst has a major role to answer to the needs of industries. Requirements for catalyst characteristics varies depending polypropylenes processes and polypropylene grades produced. THC catalysts serve to wide range of needs and expectations from customers.
Toho Titanium aims realization of the world highest levelof product performance by optimizing products to the maximum performance through uncompromising product development and pursuing process engineering to deliver.

Environmentally friendly material, polypropylene

Polypropylene is an essential material and used in our everyday life, in such applications as automotive applications, home appliances, hygiene products, packaging, food container and others. It also serves to sustainable society in view of light weighting and recyclability.

  • Environmentally friendly material, polypropylene
  • Environmentally friendly material, polypropylene

Catalyst design contributing to value-added polypropylene

THC catalyst is an unrivaled catalyst for propylene polymerization developed by unique chemical immobilization of electron donors and control of morphology and porous geometry of catalyst, which are important to realize polymerization activity and stereoregularity control. THC catalyst is capable of producing PP grades with high stiffness and high impact resistance, particularly used for an automotive applications such as bumper, instrument panels, engine compartments, and console boxes. Its high polymerization activity improves the economy even for producing general purpose PP grades.

  • Catalyst design contributing to value-added polypropylene
  • Catalyst design contributing to value-added polypropylene

THC production system

Catalyst production team is dedicated to achieve a high standard of operational excellence from safety and environment perspectives as well as efficiency in manufacturing. Through years of continuous improvements in plant maintenance, developing expertise in process control, ensuring consistency of product quality, and establishing cost competitiveness, Toho Titanium was recognized by JIPM to receive “TPM Advanced Special Award in 2010”.

  1. *1TPM: Total Productive Maintenance
  2. *2Advanced Special Award: the award is conferred to a company, which sets important goals for TPM activity and achieves superior activity results.
THC Productive Maintenance
THC Factory

The variety of THC catalyst

THC stands for “Toho High efficiency Catalyst” and has been used worldwide since itscommercial production started in 1986.


THC-C is a product name for spherical catalysts, superior in process operability and used for mainly bulk and gas-phase processes of PP manufacturing. It is designed for high value-added PP including high rubber ICP because of its porous structure. The continued development of THC-C resulted in the world-leading catalyst activity and stereoregularity, significantly higher than conventional types. Catalyst particle size can be tailored to the needs of various manufacturing processes.

  • Catalyst for high stiffness PP
    A highly stereospecific catalyst is developed and commercialized for such PP applications as automotive parts where high stiffness is required.
  • Catalyst for ICP (Impact Copolymer)
    Through unique technology is established to achieve controlled pore size and distribution of catalyst, a porous catalyst with large particle size is now commercially available. It is used for super high impact copolymers which requires high rubber content.
  • Environmental friendly non-phthalate catalyst
    A non-phthalate type catalyst is required since the phthalate as chemical substance is listed as SVHC (Substances with Very High Concern) in the REACH regulation. Toho Titanium has commercialized an innovative non-phthalate type catalyst based on a novel internal donors with the catalyst performance exceeding existing catalyst systems. It is begining to be used as an alternative to the phthalate catalyst.
  • Customized catalyst
    Depending on specific requests, studies can be carried out by custom manufacturing programs.
  • Magnesium chloride powder
    Magnesium chloride powderis high purity anhydrous material used as a catalyst carrier for olefin polymerization catalysts as well as an intermediates for magnesium-based chemicals.
    Faster and thinner is a global technological trend in PP processing. U-donor can be effectively used to produce high flow PP while maintaining the high level of stereoregularity during propylene polymerization, the accelerated crystallization speed achieved by highstereospecificity allows reductionof the amount of additives such as crystallization nucleating agents.
  • Magnesium chloride powder / titanium tetrachloride mixture
    It is a mixture of magnesium chloride powder and titanium tetrachloride, used as specificcatalyst carriers for olefin polymerization. The composition is adjustable to customer’s request.

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