Our Business

Our Business

Our Business

The Toho Titanium Group is providing variety of excellent products and services based on titanium metal business.
In the titanium business segment, we manufacture titanium ingots and titanium sponge for aerospace and general industries and high-purity titanium and fabricated titanium products. Moreover in the catalysts and chemicals business segment, utilizing materials gained in the titanium production process, we manufacture catalysts for polypropylene production, high-purity titanium dioxide for electric materials, and ultra-fine nickel powder for multi- layer ceramic capacitors (MLCC) utilizing our technologies of titanium production.
We pursue the infinite possibility of titanium and related technologies, and contribute to building a sustainable society by continuously supplying excellent products and services.

Our Business


"Ti" - the incredible potential, the vast superiority

For most of the 4.6-billion-year history of our planet, titanium slumbered deep in the earth's crust. It was a little over 200 years ago in England that this incredible element was discovered and named. However, it was not until 1948 that the full-scale commercial production of titanium was realized by the Kroll process — a method based on reduction of titanium tetrachloride with magnesium that was demonstrated by metallurgist William Justin Kroll.
In the half century since that breakthrough, industrial applications have exploited the superb characteristics of this metal and have undergone a miraculous evolution that began with its continuing role as an indispensable material in the manufacture of jet engines.

″Ti″ - the incredible potential, the vast superiority

Remarkable characteristics of titanium metal include:

  • Light weight (low density, about 60% of stainless steel)
  • Strength (specific strength that exceeds steel at room temperature)
  • Corrosion resistance (far superior corrosion resistance compared with stainless steel)
  • Biocompatibility (excellent biocompatibility characteristics because of its physiological inertness)
  • Environmentally Friendliness (superior recyclability)
  • Abundance (it is said that resources are virtually inexhaustible. As a practical metallic element, it ranks fourth in estimated deposits.)

The superiority of this peerless material is opening the door to new applications, attracting well-deserved attention as a material of unlimited potential. and ubiquitous application.

The Applications of Titanium

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