Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile


To deal with "compliance" which is an important risk item, we have established "Corporate Ethics Codes" to ensure compliance to laws & regulations, and social norms.

Compliance System

We periodically hold "Corporate Ethics Promotion Committee" meetings to define policies regarding compliance related activities across Toho Titanium Group and monitor activities.
In order to raise compliance awareness in each and every one of our employees, we hold internal training sessions. We have also established an Internal and External Consultation Service to let employees consult with us about their concerns over compliance.

Establishment of "Harassment Committee"

In order to handle all types of harassment problems such as sexual harassment, power harassment and maternity harassment, we have established a "Harassment Committee" serving under the Corporate Ethics Promotion Committee.

Internal Reporting Program

Employees should primarily consult their superior on compliance issues. For cases where this is not appropriate, we have established an "internal consultation" and an "external consultation" (outside lawyers).
In the external consultation, the consultation can be anonymous.

Internal Reporting Program


Compliance Management

Compliance Inspection System

For all employees, we conduct hearings regarding their concerns and worries about compliance including those about any possible violation of laws & regulations, company rules and standards that might occur in their workplaces and within the entire company.
These hearings not only reveal problems but raise compliance awareness among employees.

Environment and Safety Compliance Comprehensive Checks

In addition to compliance checks conducted in each workplace based on related laws, environment and safety compliance checks are also carried out by an external institution based on our request to avoid any omissions in terms of compliance. So far, we have conducted such checks at the Chigasaki Plant (FY2013), Kurobe Plant (FY2014), Wakamatsu Plant and Yahata Plant (FY2015). In addition to preventing any omission in terms of compliance, these comprehensive checks have raised the awareness and knowledge level regarding compliance among employees in their respective fields.

Compliance Training

Training for Each Layer

In all of our corporate activities, conforming to laws and regulations is a minimum requirement and we must act in an ethical manner.
Our activities must be those that "pose no problems from the view of the general public and in terms of common-sense" and that "pose no legal issues" yet this is not enough. In order to raise compliance awareness and knowledge levels throughout the company, we constantly hold training sessions for each layer such as for executives, managers and new employees by inviting external instructors or through a group training format. A training session for all managers in FY2015 mainly covered harassment prevention and training of new employees includes building of compliance awareness.

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