Environment & CSR

Environment & CSR

With Our Customers & Suppliers

Efforts to improve customer satisfaction

Toho Titanium Group places the highest priority for providing products and services which have excellent quality to meet our customers’ confidence.
We continue efforts to increase our customer satisfaction by recognizing their needs timely and properly for the improvement our products and process continuously.

Environment and Quality Policy

Our goal is both to reduce our environmental load and provide high quality products and services.
Therefore, we strive to create environment as community- and global-friendly by pursuing continuous technological innovations.
In addition, we will consistently provide products and services that meet the expectations of supply chains.

To realize our environment and quality policy, we will maintain our environment and quality management systems as a part of our business process, and will improve them continuously.

Efforts to quality control

We have acquired ISO 9001 certification, international standard of quality control systems. We continue efforts to produce high quality and reliable products by world-class product quality management systems.
Especially regarding sponge titanium and titanium ingots, we have acquired JIS Q 9100 certification which is one of the international standards of quality management systems.

ISO 9001 certification, the international standard for quality management systems

In 1996, our catalyst department acquired ISO 9002 certification, and in 1998, all departments including the titanium business acquired ISO 9002 certification.
Now we acquired ISO 9001 certification as shown below.

ISO 9001: 2015

Locations :

  • Head Office
  • Chigasaki Plant
  • Hitachi Plant
  • Yahata Plant
  • Wakamatsu Plant
  • Kurobe Plant

The Quality Management System is applicable to:

Design, development and manufacture of titanium tetrachloride, titanium sponge, high purity titanium(sponge, ingot, billet), titanium and titanium alloy ingot, high purity titanium dioxide, titanium suboxide(TiOx), catalysts for propylene polymerization, ultra-fine nickel powder, magnesium chloride, titanium trichloride aqueous solutions and titanium tetrachloride aqueous solution and toll melting service.

Certificate Number
Original Approval Date
July 12, 2009
Valid Date
October 15, 2022
Issued by
Bureau Veritas Japan Co., Ltd.

Quality management systems for aerospace industries

In 2003, we acquired 9100 certification which is a quality management system standard for the aerospace industry regarding titanium sponge and we expanded the scope of certification to titanium ingots in 2010. We will continue to strengthen our quality management system.

JIS Q9100:2016

Locations :

  • Head Office
  • Chigasaki Plant
  • Yahata Plant
  • Wakamatsu Plant

The Quality Management System is applicable to:

Design, development and manufacture of titanium sponge and titanium ingot.

Certificate Number
Original Approval Date
July 12, 2009
Valid Date
October 15, 2022
Issued by
Bureau Veritas Japan Co., Ltd.

With our Suppliers

Basic Policy of Procurement

Procurement Guidance

  • Transparency: We conduct our procurement in an open and transparent way.
  • Fairness: We select our suppliers based on fair evaluation.
  • Compliance: Our business activities not only abide by the relevant laws, but also respect spirit of the laws.
  • Environmental Preservation: We place emphasis on environmental preservation and promote "green purchasing" proactively.
  • Mutual Trust: We build trustworthy relationships with our suppliers through fair business transaction as equal partners.
  • Ethics: We maintain appropriate relationships with our suppliers based on rigid ethics.
  • We shall not have any relationships with anti-social forces and implement healthy procurements.
  • We shall not conduct our procurement by abusing of dominant bargaining position.

Procurement Principle

  • Fair Competition Opportunities
    We offer our potential suppliers fair competition opportunities and respond to their procurement application sincerely.
  • Fair Evaluation
    We select our suppliers fairly by considering several aspects of their business performance such as quality, price, time of delivery, and so on.
  • Confidentiality
    We will rigidly manage the information from our suppliers though the procurement process and maintain it confidentially.
  • Disclosure of reasons of selections
    We expressly provide the facts and reasons of denial for our supplier depending on their requests.

Green Purchasing

As one of the efforts of environment preservation, we promote green purchasing proactively.
Though the activities, we try to reduce environmental burdens connected to our manufacturing processes.

Green Procurement

Conflict minerals

Toho Titanium Group will not implement material procurement which contributes illegal activities or human rights violation of the conflict districts.

Requests to Suppliers

In an effort to fulfill our social responsibility across our group and the entire supply chain, we request our suppliers to operate in accordance with the following standards.

  • Comply with laws, regulations and social norms, including those listed below, and gives due consideration to human rights and environment.
    Compliance with laws and regulations related to manufacturing and sales.
    Compliance with labor laws and regulations.
    Compliance with health and safety laws and regulations and maintenance of good working environment.
    Avoidance of child labor and forced labor.
    Avoidance of discrimination based on race, gender, etc. and respect for the human rights, personalities and individualities of employees.
    Compliance with environmental laws and regulations.
    Avoidance of bribery, corruption, extortion, embezzlement, fraud and other unfair conducts to obtain undue or improper advantage.
    Transparent business transactions, preparation and maintenance of accurate accounting books and records, and appropriate disclosure of corporate information.
    Respect for intellectual property rights of others and fair business practices, and compliance with laws and norms regarding advertising and competition.
    Avoidance of procurement and use of conflict minerals that encourage or promote human rights violation.
    Avoidance of all relations with antisocial forces.
  • Establish and maintain management systems approved by executive management, which include appropriate processes of risk assessment, management and correction to ensure compliance with the standards stated in this document.
  • Establish and maintain environmental management system and properly manage chemical substances, in conformity with Toho Titanium Group's Green Procurement Guidelines.
  • Manage customers' information, employee’s personal information and other confidential information properly and build information security systems to prevent the leakage of the information.
  • Possess stable supply capacity and technological capabilities and satisfy the quality, price, delivery, and service requirements agreed with Toho Titanium Group.

With our Regional Community

  • With our Regional Community

Toho Titanium Group efforts to promote regional activation and support next generations of our community.

  • With our Regional Community
  • With our Regional Community

We take part in environmental or scientific technology events for elementary school or junior high school students held by local governments and support some of the local events.

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