Environment & CSR

Environment & CSR

With our employees

Toho Titanium Group respects the individuality of our employees and supports them to develop their talents. In addition, for the purpose of creating attractive workplace environments, we also implement several measures.

Efforts to create job satisfaction and vibrant working conditions

Toho Titanium Group have a variety of working systems which allows our employees choose among wide range of working styles. Our nursing care leave system and childcare leave system help our employees to balance work and family lives and our flexible time system, half-day paid leave system and paid leave reserve systems support their working styles depending on their life stages.

Training talents

For the purpose of strengthen and establishment of “Human Resources Base” we formulated Medium- and Long-term Human resources Development Plan.
By executing the Plan, we will train and secure talents that are capable of leading the creation of a culture and arrangements which promote an energetic working atmosphere as well as innovations.

Respect for human rights

Toho Titanium Group requires our employees to respect human rights of other employees and will create workplace environments without discrimination.
In addition, we stipulate the harassment prevention rule which prohibits our employees from sexual or power harassment to their co-workers.

Efforts to industrial health and safety

Based on our Fundamental Policy, we give the highest priority to safety and are implementing several measures to secure pleasant working conditions and eliminate industrial accidents.
Our management of industrial health and safety is well organized at each plant. Moreover, our health and safety committee composed of employers and workers discuss about improvement for the health and safety of the workplace.

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