Investor Relations

Investor Relations

Disclosure Policy・Disclaimers

1.Information Disclosure on Our Website

 Toho Titanium employs its website as one of its major tools for the disclosure of important corporate information. In addition to legally mandated information disclosure, we also post, as soon as possible, all information regarding other important facts, including information useful for investment purposes.

2.Disclosure Standards

 We disclose information in compliance with the provisions of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act of Japan and in line with the “Rules and Regulations for the Appropriate Disclosure of Company Information by the Issuers of Listed Securities” (hereinafter referred to as the “Rules and Regulations for Appropriate Disclosure”) laid down by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Our policy is to disclose information outside the scope of these rules and regulations in a fair and honest way and via an appropriate method, if the information is deemed helpful to investors in making decisions.

3.Disclosure Method

 Information covered by the Rules and Regulations for Appropriate Disclosure is disclosed on the “Timely Disclosure Network” (TDnet) operated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange and posted on our website in a timely manner. Information outside the scope of these rules and regulations, which is deemed helpful in understanding the Company, is also disclosed via the media (press releases) or on our website.

4.Forward-Looking Statements

 Information posted on our website includes our business strategies, business performance forecasts, estimates and opinions. Readers are cautioned that actual business performance may differ significantly from such strategies, forecasts, estimates and opinions due to external factors such as future changes in the business environment.

5.Quiet Period

To prevent premature disclosure of business results and ensure fairness, the Company treats the period from the day following the end of each quarter to the business results announcement date for the said quarter as a quiet period. During this period, the Company basically refrains from responding to any inquiries on its business results and making any comments thereon. However, if the Company anticipates a significant difference to occur between the original forecasts and actual results during the quiet period, the Company will disclose such information timely in accordance with applicable disclosure regulations.

6.Regulations for the Prevention of Insider Trading

 Toho Titanium has established regulations to prevent insider trading. These regulations set forth the appropriate methods of disclosure of important facts, and operating guidelines for controlling insider information. In addition, we have provided training to our executives and employees in order to raise awareness of the need for stricter control over the handling of insider information.

7. Stock Quotes

 Stock quotes disclosed on our website are linked to Bloomberg stock quotes webpage. Therefore, we do not provide such information directly, and thus cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information. Moreover, as stock prices are determined by the process of trading on the free market, our policy is not to comment on stock prices, trading volume, or other matters related to the stock prices of the Company.

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