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Features of the products

  • Chemical composition

    Chemical composition of TOFIX series is all K2O・6TiO2. K2O・6TiO2, which is the most stable chemical structure at high temperatures among Potassium Titanates.

  • High performance

    TOFIX series have good wear resistance and μ-stability. And TOFIX-SNR has high μ-level with good wear resistance.

Manufacturing process

Manufacturing process


  • Unique process

    The general manufacturing process for potassium titanate is wet process. But we adopt perfectly dry process to produce TOFIX series. As a result of the unique process, TOFIX series has several advantages.

  • Eco-friendly process

    As a result of the unique process, our Gifu plant can produce TOFIX-S and TOFIX-SNR without waste material and waste water.

TOFIX-series (Main Products)

Potassium Titanate

Chemical composition K2O・6TiO2 K2O・6TiO2
Color phase White Light yellow
Shape Powder Powder
Melting point (℃) 1300-1350 1300-1350
SEM images (X500) SEM images (X500) TOFIX-S SEM images (X500) TOFIX-SNR
SEM images (X10,000) SEM images (X10,000) TOFIX-S SEM images (X10,000) TOFIX-SNR
Specific Surface Area
(m2/g) BET method
1.8-2.8 2.0-3.0
Tapping Density (g/cm3) 0.85-1.20 0.90-1.30
Median Size (μm)
Dynamic image analysis method
10-50 25-60
D50(μm)レーザー回折法 3.5-7.5 3.0-9.0
Loss on drying (%) ≦0.7 ≦0.7
pH 9~12 9~12

*TOFIX-S and SNR have been already registered in both TSCA/EPA and REACH/ECHA.

Contact (Distributor of Toho Material Co., Ltd.) :

Atsushi Kubota

Morimura Bros., Inc. Chemicals Div.

Toranomon Towers Office, 4-1-28, Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-8451, Japan

Phone : +81-3-3432-3530

Fax : +81-3-3432-3531

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