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Products & Services

Titanium Metals - Titanium Ingot

Our titanium ingot (metal titanium mass) is widely used mainly by domestic customers. There are two kinds of titanium ingots; one is pure titanium and the other is titanium alloy such as 6Al-4V.

Titanium Metals- Titanium Ingot


  • Aerospace Industry

    Aerospace Industry

    • Airfames
    • Aircraft engines
    • Space rockets
  • Power Industry and Desalination

    Power Industry and Desalination

    • Thermal and nuclear power plants
    • Desalination plants
  • Chemical Industry

    Chemical Industry

    • Chemical plants (reactors, pipes, heat exchangers, valves, etc.)
  • Ocean civil engineering

    Ocean civil engineering

    • Ocean platforms
    • Ship hulls
    • Bridges
    • Rigs
  • Civil Engineering and Construction

    Civil Engineering and Construction

    • Roofing
    • Curtain-walls,
    • Monuments
  • Motor Industry・Motorcycle Industry

    Motor Industry・Motorcycle Industry

    • Engine parts
    • Motorcycles
  • Medical


    • Implants
    • Artificial bones
    • Welfare products
  • Sports and Daily necessities

    Sports and Daily necessities

    • Golf clubs
    • Outdoor goods
    • Eyeglasses
    • Cameras
    • Wrist watches

Manufacturing Process


Titanium Metals – DC Slab®, Ingot

Category ProductType Typical Weight and Dimensions (mm)
DC Slab® CP Gr.1/Gr.2 10t 240tx1000~1300wxL
EBIngot CP Gr.1/Gr.2 24t 850tx1100~1600wxL
Categorys Product Type Typical Weight and Dimensions
VARIngot CP Gr.1/Gr.2 15t φ1220xL
10t φ1030xL
Gr.3 10t φ1030xL
3.7t φ720xL
Gr.4 3.7t φ720xL
Alloy Ti-6Al-4V (including ELI) 3.7t φ720xL
Ti-15V-3Al-3Cr-3Sn 1.8t φ520xL
Ti-8Al-1Mo-1V 1.8t φ520xL
Ti-10V-2Fe-3Al 1.0t φ520xL

* Products shown in this table are only typical examples. Other alloy ingots can also be provided. Please contact us for specific requirements.

Titanium Ingot Sales & Marketing Dept.

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