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Our Business

Titanium Business

Titanium Business

Our titanium business mainly provides “Titanium Sponge” and “Titanium Ingot” melted with our titanium sponge. Our titanium sponge offers the best quality because very unique our own in-house technology is applied to produce titanium sponge, while basic process is originated from “Kroll Process” in which tetrachloride titanium is generated by chloride reaction with titanium ore (main ingredient is TiO2), afterward reacted with magnesium to remove chlorine and consequently titanium sponge is produced .

A major feature of our method is "vacuum distillation," which effectively removes magnesium and magnesium chloride contained in the titanium sponge. This method allows us to produce high-quality titanium sponge. Our titanium sponge is exported mainly for aircraft materials and has a fine track record amassed over many years for its quality and has an excellent reputation among users worldwide.

Titanium Business

On the other hand, our titanium ingots are made mainly from titanium sponge manufactured by using our electron beam (EB) melting furnaces which are the largest of the world, or a vacuum consumable arc remelting (VAR) furnace. Ingots can be provided in various product types depending on customer requirements including square shaped DC SlabR, EB ingots, or round shaped VAR ingots.

Titanium tetrachloride is an intermediate raw material for each of our products and is used in many fields. It is used for example as a catalyst for manufacturing macromolecule chemical products such as polyethylene resin, as a raw material for pearl pigment, and as a vapor agent for certain tools. Our product offerings further include high-purity titanium used for sputtering targets for forming semiconductor films, and titanium powder and fabricated titanium products manufactured by our subsidiary called Toho Technical Service Co., Ltd. These products are all highly rated by our customers.

Towards Ultimate Stable Quality
Expanding the application areas-spreading our unique in-house manufacturing tech and quality tech throughout the world

The high level of our technologies for manufacturing titanium products is well demonstrated by the fact that our products are used as engine components and structural materials designed for light-weight airframes needed by customers in the aerospace industry where quality requirements are severe.
Technical requirements from aircraft manufacturers are all very severe, and in order to qualify as a supplier we must constantly produce a stable supply of materials with proven high quality sustained over long period of time after initial delivery. This approach of ours to the "absolute stable quality" required by the aerospace industry has allowed us maintain our leading position in titanium manufacture.

Our titanium materials provided for automobiles, marine structures, power plants, construction, medical areas, and other consumer products have created a high level of confidence because they meet customer requirements for stable uniform quality. Since titanium products have very long-term durability and are reusable, We engage in recycle business and actively use titanium scrap for our EB furnaces.
Expanding the application areas for titanium products while making the most of our globally known eco-friendly features! We have now reached a global scale in which our "Toho Titanium" has become a widely recognized high-tech brand throughout the world.

Broadening the World of Titanium with an Eye towards Future Possibilities

Broadening the World of Titanium with an Eye towards Future Possibilities

The potential capabilities of titanium have been well recognized and its range of applications keeps expanding even further.
We never cease working along with our customers to proactively develop new titanium applications.

The Application of

Titanium Manufacturing Process (Kroll Process)

  • Titanium Tetrachloride Producing Process

    Titanium Tetrachloride Producing Process

    This process manufactures titanium tetrachloride by utilizing a reaction occurring between chlorine and the titanium oxide in material ore. Moreover, the chlorine utilized here is what has been collected by electrolyzing magnesium chloride, which is a byproduct made in the reduction and distillation process. Incidentally, the following distillation process reduces impurities to substantially zero.

  • Reduction and Distillation Process

    Reduction and Distillation Process

    Porous titanium sponge lumps are produced by utilizing the reaction between purified titanium tetrachloride and molten magnesium and then removing the magnesium metal and magnesium chloride contained in the produced titanium sponge by applying the vacuum distilling method to generate high quality titanium sponge in the following reduction reaction. TiCl4+2Mg→Ti+2MgCl2

  • Melting Process

    Melting Process

    Titanium sponge or recycled material used as the raw material is melted and purified in a vacuum by using the electron beam melting furnace (EB furnace) or vacuum arc remelting furnace (VAR furnace), and then casting the material in a water-cooled copper mold to produce ingots.

From Titanium Sponge to Mill Products

Titanium sponge manufactured through the titanium tetrachloride producing process and the reduction and distillation process is melted in a vacuum to become titanium ingots.
The ingots will be processed into various mill products such as boards, bars, tubes and cables through rolling, forging or molding depending on the application of the material or product.
We provide titanium ingots for mill products manufacturers, while our subsidiary Toho Technical Service Co., Ltd.blank manufactures various titanium products on a built-to-order basis to meet customer requirements. The company's technologies for fabrication, melting, and delicate coloring using anodic oxidation (surface treatment) have gained an excellent reputation, and the company receives a lot of orders for highly difficult fabrication tasks, that create innovative products one after another!

Joint Venture for Titanium Sponge Production in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

In January 2014, Toho Titanium Co., Ltd. (“Toho”), The National Industrialization Company (“Tasnee”) and its parent company, The National Titanium Dioxide Company Limited (“Cristal”) agreed to establish a joint venture company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to produce and sell titanium sponge. A definitive joint venture agreement for the project was entered into in December 2014 between Toho and Advanced Metal Industries Cluster Company Limited (“AMIC”), a company established for the project in which Cristal and Tasnee each own a 50% equity interest. A joint venture company to operate the project was established by AMIC and Toho in February 2016.

The joint venture company completed the construction of a new titanium sponge plant in Yanbu Industrial City, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and is currently preparing for the start-up of commercial production at the plant. The first batch reduction and distillation test at the plant was successfully completed in August 2018, and the titanium sponge new factory where a new company has advanced construction in the Saudi Arabia industrial park has begun to operate on September 2019.

The new plant will be provided a stable supply of titanium tetrachloride, the primary raw material for titanium sponge, from a titanium dioxide plant adjacent to it. It is expected the new plant will be among the most cost-competitive titanium sponge plant in the world, taking advantage of Toho’s advanced production technology and competitive energy costs in Saudi Arabia.

Outline of the Joint Venture Company

Corporate Name Advanced Metal Industries Cluster and Toho Titanium Metal Company Limited
Headquarters Yanbu, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Business Manufacture and sale of titanium sponge
Capital SAR 450,000,000 (USD 120 million)
Date of Establishment February 29, 2016
Fiscal Year-End 31 December
Main Shareholders Toho 35.0%, AMIC 65.0%
  • New plant
    New plant
  • Reduction and distillation test at the new plant (first test batch)
    Reduction and distillation test at the new plant (first test batch)

Joint venture project to produce titanium-alloy products for aerospace ( NIPPON STEEL NAOETSU TITANIUM CO.,LTD. )

Based on the joint venture agreement with Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation ( "NSSMC" )( currently NIPPON STEEL CORPORATION ), Toho Titanium Co., Ltd. ( "Toho" ) in April 2014 made an equity participation NIPPON STEEL & SUMIKIN NAOETSU TITANIUM CO.,LTD. ( "NSNT" )(currently NIPPON STEEL NAOETSU TITANIUM CO., LTD. ( "NSNT" )) which was established by NSSMC in September 2013 to produce titanium-alloy ingots for aerospace applications. NSNT has installed VAR (Vacuum Arc Remelting) furnaces in December 2014 and stated producing titanium-alloy ingots.
We will strongly promote our melting businesses with our four production sites along with Chigasaki Plant, Yahata Plant and Hitachi Plant.

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